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Born and raised

On the island of Kauai, Carson Myers first took up surfing at the age of thirteen. Instantly hooked, Carson and his friends would often surf eight hours straight when they could. Carson became obsessed with surfing; the sport, the boards, the lifestyle, and the obsession hasn’t slowed down.

After finishing high school, Carson moved to the north shore of Oahu. He worked full-time as a line cook, but was lucky enough to be a “shop grom” for the local shaper Carl Olsen of Two Crows in between his restaurant shifts. While sweeping, cleaning, and helping organize, Carson also got to sit and watch Carl shape. This is when Carson became interested in the “why”. Why this board surf this way, and that board surfs that way. Why the board is doing what it is doing under your feet. With the guidance of Carl, Carson got to shape his first board.

The first board

It was a high performance short board, and while he thought it looked great, it surfed terrible. Determined to make something that worked, Carson again asked for Carl’s help, and this time made a longboard. Growing up, Carson was a through and through shortboarder, but had recently fallen in love with classic longboarding. This time the board worked! Still wasn’t the best, but it was good enough that it stoked Carson’s fire to keep going.

He made another board to sell. When it sold, he made another. Then a friend wanted a board. And then a friend of a friend. During this time, he got a job at a surfboard factory in Kapolei. There he was surrounded by shapers and surfboard craftsmen such as Steve Morgan, Kim Purington, Dan Ernest, Marchelo Vercelli, and Josh Murray. They helped him fine-tune his craft and turn his boards into quality products.


Living in Wahiawa, Carson shapes just down the hill at the Waialua Sugar Mill. With a love for the history of surfboards and the desire to create something that is the best ride of your life, but at the same time beautiful and timeless, he continues to perfect his craft.