Born into a family of surfers, Kahanu was “forced” to surf at the age of 5. Being more interested in finding sea cucumbers and urchins while at the beach, it wouldn’t be till around 7 when Kahanu would finally fall in love with surfing.

Catching his first waves in clear view of the Honolulu’s Diamond Head creator, Kahanu has family on both sides of the island, and was able to hone his skill in a variety of different waves. The amount of style and finesse that he has learned to carry when surfing has earned him a 2017 HSA State win and Runner Up at the 2018 NSSA National Championships.

When he is not surfing Kahanu attends high school at Kamehameha. Speaking fluent Hawaiian, he is working towards becoming a Hawaiian language professor.

The dedication shown through his life, weather its to his surfing, studies, or with his family, it is quite clear Kahanu is destined for great things.


Kahanu was the first Myers Surfboard team rider. We are honored and proud to have him riding our boards! Love you Kahanu!

He rides:

The Kanak: 9’6 x 23 ¼” x 3″

Custom HP: 9’2 x 22 ¼” x 2 ½”